10 Reasons Why Buffalo Is the Best

Sure, most people know Buffalo residents are tough. You have to be tough to survive these winters. But there’s more to Buffalo than the average person understands. Here are the Ten Reasons why Buffalo is the Best.

1. Wings

We know flavor. Now in its 16th year, Buffalo is home to the National Buffalo Wing Festival. Of course, the Buffalo Wing gets its name sake from here, but now thousands flock to Buffalo, NY every year to show off their own secret sauce or try hundreds of others! Great hospitality is found among great wings, and Buffalo has an abundance of both.

2. Cheerios!

Did you know the General Mills factory resides in Buffalo? Go for a drive on the Skyway and take in the smells of fresh cheerios.

3. We forgive you for calling us “Upstate.”

No, we are not “Upstate New York.” We are “Western New York,” but we forgive you for your confusion.

4. We know how to handle our snow

Unlike many of our “big city” counterparts. We actually know how to handle our snow, even though it falls by the foot regularly.

5. Mighty Taco

Taco Bell? Nope, not here in Buffalo. In Buffalo our Mexican fast food cousin comes from the mighty Mighty Taco. Fans of the Mighty Taco are a rare breed indeed. And we flush away the spice with a nice, cold Loganberry.

6. We’re so Stylish

You know those 59Fifty everyone wears? Yup, those are a product of Buffalo, NY.

7. Ted’s Hotdogs

Maybe wings aren’t your thing. We can’t forgive you for that. But buffalo wings aren’t the only type of food we are famous for. Ted’s hotdogs will leave your tastebuds singing for joy.

8. Garbage Plates

Have a hangover? Unyielding hunger? We have the perfect solution for you. Borrowed from our neighbors to the east, Rochester, NY, we are pretty sure they are made of melted cheese, bacon, and forgotten dreams. Come see for yourself at JJs and UHots.

9. We breed musical talent

Afterall, what else is their to do when your city is frozen half of the year. And when it is not, we gather canal side for live music and fellowship. See Brian Mcknight, Rick James, the Goo-Goo Dolls and Cannibal Corpose for further evidence.

10. We are super clean.

Our citizens are so tidy, Buffalo is the third cleanest city in the United States. We keep our snow looking fresh and our city streets free of garbage.

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