10 Ways Art has Changed in the Last 20 Years

The past few decades have been revolutionary in many different ways. Some of the most noticeable ways to recognize this transformation is by looking at the way that art has evolved. Here are 10 ways art has changed in the last 20 years:

#1. Viewing art online:

With the increase in available technology, now to buy and sell or simply appreciate art, it’s as easy as hopping on the internet. While all art lovers know the true magic is in what you see up close, we can certainly appreciate the accessibility that having art online provides.

#2. Surge of photography:

With more and more people jumping into the realm of photography, the profession has grown from small and concentrated to many people having their own websites and small startup photography businesses.

#3. Music helping to redefine graphic design:

With musical artists investing more time in branding themselves, they are also investing more time in creating album covers that rival those of the past.

#4. The technological revolution:

From light shows to more complex designs and inventions, technology has developed art into a futuristic wonder.

#5. More specifically, virtual reality development:

This has been taking the world by storm and transforming the way you can view and interact with art. From more practical usages, like exhibit viewings, to more complex and intricate practices such as video gaming, virtual reality isn’t going out of style any time soon.

#6. Contemporary Artists:

These are artists who are producing art in the 21st century. Their pieces are made from diverse materials and concern subjects that challenge traditional boundaries and typically can’t be easily defined.

#7. Fashion images redefined:

It’s no secret that there’s been huge diversity campaigns in the fashion industry. Now, music artists are devling into the fashion world. Iconic rapper, Kanye West, brought a new type of fashion show to the world with his models simply standing instead of walking in a traditional show.

#8. Music in the form of digital albums:

This was made popular when artist, Beyoncé, dropped her first digital album for herself titled record in in 2013. Now, many artists have followed suit and instead of releasing individual music videos, the entire album tells a story along with the fully intertwined videos.

#9. Video Art:

Popularized and created by Korean-born artist Nam June Paik, this is the art of using video and television equipment to create a piece of art work. This is typically thought to be more of a medium rather than a style.

#10. Performance Art:

This type of art involves the piece being actively represented by models who are part of the piece itself. Popularized in the 70s, it recently has been resurged.

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