3 Signs You’re Too Comfortable At Work

When it comes to appearing productive at the workplace, there’s a fine line to draw between being laidback with your coworkers, and seeming too lackadaisical about your job responsibilities.

Appearing too comfortable at work may make you seem overconfident in your job, or may make it appear that you are overreaching on your abilities. Your employers will want to reward you, but they want you to earn your raises and promotions.

Here are 3 signs that you are too comfortable at work:

1. You don’t take workplace chatter seriously.

If you’re wondering about your status on the workplace totem pole, there is no better place to take an assessment than at the water cooler. Ignoring workplace chatter can only be a detriment to your overall standing at the workplace. It means you got too comfortable, and you don’t care what your coworkers think of you. However, your coworkers have a great deal of impact over your day to day happiness, so keeping them happy will only make you happier in the long run.

2. You show up late or leave early.

Arriving to the office after opening bells have rung, or sliding out early before the work has been completed, are surefire signs that you’re feeling too comfortable and maybe abusing your power. There’s nothing wrong with getting a head start on a long weekend with your employer’s blessing, but taking advantage when it comes to time management can show that you are a little too comfortable in your workplace.

3. You don’t show respect for your coworkers.

Valuing what your coworkers and colleagues have to say is an important part of maintaining peace in a workplace. If you have started to disregard your coworker’s points of view, that may be a sign that you’re feeling a little too comfortable. Step back, and let everyone have their say.

Whether you are showing up to the workplace a little too late, approaching your work in a casual manner, or  disrespecting what your coworkers have to say, take advantage of our signs that you are behaving too casually in the workspace to alter your behavior to reflect a more professional point of view.

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