5 Reasons Why Buffalo Girls are the Best

It’s no secret that people from Buffalo are a unique breed of humans. With aggressively loyal sports interests and food that would rival some of the best five star restaurants, those who live there take great pride in being born and raised in Buffalo. Here are 5 reasons why Buffalo girls are the best people to have in your life:

#1. They’re loyal to the bitter end:

Girls in Buffalo have three major loves: beer, the Bills, and wings. Loving sports teams that do nothing but disappoint their fans is no easy feat, and these girls have been loyal their whole lives. Loyalty is in her blood, she’ll stick by your side through anything and go to hell and back to make sure you’re happy.

#2. She can out drink most people:

Keg stand? Child’s play. Funnel? How elementary of you. She’s definitely the most fun friend you’ll ever have. She can drink most people under the table and is always down to try a new IPA, but loves a classic Buffalo favorite: Bud Light.

#3. Whenever you visit her you know you’re eating well:

Even if you don’t get to see her all of the time, visiting your Buffalo girl will be one of the things you look forward to the most. With killer food all over the city, she’ll know exactly what dive bars have the actual best wings in the city. Also, Wegmans. Enough said.

#4. You can take them anywhere in the world:

Stick her in the Artic and she’ll laugh at you as you shiver, bring her along to a vacation in the Bahamas and she’ll be laying on the beach as comfortable as ever. It really doesn’t matter to her. She’s dealt with snow up to her knees in the winter with a negative 30 degrees Farenheit wind chill, and summers peaking at 102 with an 80% humidity reading. Regardless of where you decide to go, she’ll be prepared.

#5. She knows how to laugh at herself:

Growing up in such a diverse area it’s easy to get picked on for any number of reasons. She’s got sarcasm in her blood and can dish out jokes just as well as she can take them.

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