5 Reasons You Should Never Shave Your Beard

No Shave November? How about No Shave…Ever? Here are 5 reasons you need to set your face-follicles free.

1. Because she will find you sexier.

Every woman loves a full grown beard. And if she doesn’t love your beard like you love your beard, then she isn’t the one for you anyway. So let’s focus on the truth. The woman you want will find your beard sexy. She will acknowledge your raw, uninhibited man hood, and cherish the brush of those beard hairs on her face a lot more than the stubble rash she got from her teenage boyfriend.

2. Great Leaders have Beards

Think about it.. Moses had a beard. Jesus had a beard. Mohammad had a beard. A-BRO-HAM Lincoln had a beard. Maybe some facial hair is all that is holding you back from greatness. Set your beard free. Set yourself free.

3. Because your Girlfriend Complains when you Shave

Is she reading this with you and shaking her head? Good. Buddy we are about to win this argument. Everytime you shave a million tiny hairs go everywhere. You try to clean the shower/sink as well as you can, but you can never find all of them. You look hard, you promised her you wouldn’t make a mess this time, and you do your best. But as soon as she gets home, she finds them. And more than just one. There are twenty little hairs you swore weren’t there before, just waiting for her eyes only. Save yourselves the argument. Stop shaving.

4. It Slims your Face

It’s true. And it is okay to admit that it is true. Whether you are bulking in the gym, or you’ve just put on some bulk, a beard will slim your face. When your cheeks start to swell, even just a shadow will save your face a few inches on the camera. Put on some weight that you don’t want to show in your face? Cover it fur.

5. Because you like your Beard

Ultimately, you can’t let anything ruin your relationship with your beard. If you like your facial hair, be proud. You will attract a partner who likes you for who you are. Your confidence in yourself will show and it will become a trait that people associate with your character. If you are more “you” in a beard, you shouldn’t shave that for a partner, for a season, or for a job. You are your beard. Wear it proudly. You’ve earned it.

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