5 Ways to Find Inspiration

When the light of creativity is flickering, it seems that there is no end to the inspiration that can be found in every simple little act or daily occurrence. When inspiration is eluding us, it can be more difficult to find it then it might be to run a marathon! If inspiration has escaped you, here are five ways to find inspiration that just might do the trick to help get your creative juices flowing:

1. Spend time outdoors

The number one way, without question, to achieve inspiration for just about anything in life is to get up and go outside. Heading to the great outdoors in the daylight is preferred, to allow you to get that healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun. Just 15 minutes of walking, or even standing, in the sun will make you feel better! But if your job, or the region of the country you live in, prohibits the amount of time you can spend outdoors during the day, you can still head outside at night to reap some of the benefits that being in the great outdoors has to offer. Walk your dog, enjoy your backyard, head to a local park, go for a hike, or engage in any sporting activity. While you’re outdoors, the inspiration you’re seeking may show up when you least expect it.

2. Keep a journal and goal list

Making a log of your daily thoughts and feelings might sound intimidating to some, but it doesn’t have to be too complicated! Try bullet journaling, where you simply make an ongoing list of goals and cross them out as you accomplish them, or get more in depth with weekly, monthly, and annual goals. Making lists and staying organized, as well as reflecting on your thoughts in your journal, may help you to see things more clearly and gain the inspiration that you are lacking. Even if you simply annotate your list with one or two words, you will get a better understanding of the roadblocks that stand between you and inspiration.

3. Exercise

This isn’t the same as spending time in the outdoors, because you don’t have to be outside exercising to reap the benefits that exercise, and everything that comes with it, have to offer. Along with lowering your stress levels and strengthening your heart, exercise can also help you to find clarity in situations where inspiration is just out of reach. Working your body with physical exertion can give your brain time to process the thoughts that are keeping inspiration at bay.

4. Meditate

Spending some time each morning meditating, whether it is alongside the practice of yoga or independently, can offer you a chance to clear your mind. This may provoke an inspirational, groundbreaking new thought. Meditation can clear your mind and give you the opportunity to think with a fresh perspective, which can offer all the inspiration you may need.

5. Cultivate meaningful conversations

The inspiration that you are seeking could be related to your personal life, or it could be related to your professional career. Either way, cultivating meaningful conversations with those closest to you and either faction of your life may just help you to gain the inspiration you seek.

Try applying one of these five ways to find inspiration the next time you feel stuck in a rut or uninspired. You just may be surprised with the results!

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