Who doesn’t Love Christopher Walken?

Christopher Walken is a hero and cultural icon, and for good reason. He is a highly accomplished actor with 22 awards and 33 nominations. He appears in a crazy range of work – in critically acclaimed films, children’s movies, and TV Live events. If you can watch Pulp Fiction without admiring his work as Captain Koons, then get out of here. Because this is Christopher’s time for attention on Vanity Social. Here are some reasons we can’t stop loving this guy.

1) He is the best dancer

2) His hair inspires all of us.

3) His deadpan cannot be matched.

Go look up all his SNL episodes. Right now – do it!

4) This speech about lions:

5) The fact that we all try to impersonate him but we can never do at as well as him:

6) And like we love him…

Walken loves his fans back.

He once said, “If I walk down the street and nothing happens… I get sad. And, then, you know, like a miracle, an angel, somebody will say, ‘Hey, Chris!’ And then I go, “Ah! Well, it’s okay.'”

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