Why Everyone is Moving to Florida

One day, you will look around and say, “Wow, all of my friends have moved to Florida.” As long as there is sunshine and sand where there should be snow, this is an inevitable truth. Okay, slight overstatement. But everyone knows at least one person who has moved to Florida. If you are a New Yorker, you probably know at least twenty people who have moved to Florida. So, just why is everyone moving to Florida? And why haven’t you joined them yet?

Life’s a Beach

Though most Floridians refuse to swim whenever the water isn’t naturally at hot tub levels of warmth, the sun shines on Florida sands year round. Whether your toes baptize themselves in the soft sands of the west coast bay, or if you prefer the flesh and flash of Miami’s array of beaches, Florida offers a slice of paradise to fit every desire.

Just remember, when you visit the South Florida beaches, the locals will remind you 1) no socks with sandals, 2) the sand isn’t real, and 3) the rain will always pass.

Florida Resident Discounts

Did you know that as a Floridian you can attend Disney for an entire year for roughly the same price as one weekend visit for an out-of-state mouseketeer? If you are a fan of the house of mouse, or of Universal Studios (Harry Potter World), being a Floridian means regular visits at an affordable rate.

This also applies to the multitude of cruise liners that dock in Florida’s many major ports, as well as Busch Gardens, Sea World, Butterfly World, and many other attractions that reward locas simply for being locals.

Disney World

Sure, Florida has a multitude of tourist attractions. Florida is so famous for its tourist attractions it is even home to the Titanic ride and the evangelical Holy Land Experience. Do either of those things have much to do with Florida? No. Not at all. But the tourist capital of America has plenty for visitors to choose from.

And yet, one of these stands head, shoulders, and mouse ears above them all. Boasting four massive theme parks, a downtown entertainment/shopping strip, two water parks, a permanent Cirque du soleil residency, and over one hundred restaurants, Disney not only attracts millions of tourists, but it also attracts permanent residents.

Hardcore fans of the mouse house dream of the opportunity to raise their families within driving distance to the “Happiest place on Earth.”

In addition, many Disney pilgrims also come for the work opportunities. With approximately 100,000 Orlando based employees, Disney is the single largest one-sight employer in the country.

Come visit, stay forever.

Florida is one of the most diverse states in the union. Not just in culture, but also in activity. There truly is something here for just about any of your interests. Is religion important to you? Florida has one of the most diverse lexicons of houses of worship in the nation.

Do you like sports? Florida has multiple major league sports teams in every category. Not to mention plenty of opportunities for pleasure sports. Come golf the same courses as the pros. Florida boasts a plethora of PGA tour stops, and beautiful independent courses to boot.

Are you a fisherman? Whether you prefer salt water or fresh, fishing opportunities abound on the peninsula.

No matter your reasoning, Florida quickly becomes home to anyone who seeks warmth, joy, and endless opportunities to pursue new passions.

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