How to Get Through That “Afternoon Slump”

Long days at the office can translate to a feeling in the mid-afternoon that can best be described as pre-nap. You’re tired and sluggish, and it’s taking you twice as long to answer simple questions or inquiries. So what do you do? Do you give into the doldrums? No! You race the through the afternoon slump with these handy steps.

Here’s how to get through that afternoon slump:

Exercise before work

The best way to have a healthy and productive day at work is to maintain your energy. A well balanced work day includes effort and relaxation. Help yourself be set up for encountering that afternoon slump by exercising before work – that should give you the energy boost need to last through the day.

Have a healthy snack

Skipping meals or eating empty calories will not help you to maintain energy in those early afternoon hours. Enjoy high-fiber or dents caloric foods like nuts, grains, veggies and greens. If you’re wondering how to get through that afternoon slump, a healthy snack is the easiest step on the path to success.

Along with eating well, be sure to hydrate properly. Snacks include lots of water, by the way, so be sure to track your H2O and aim for eight classes of 8 ounces of water per day!

Get a good night’s sleep

It’s hard to put your best foot forward when you’re going on less than a good night’s sleep. For most of us, eight hours are ideal. Figure out what your internal clock says about your sleep patterns, and try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. The more, the merrier!

Save an exciting task or article for then

If the afternoon doldrums are hard to handle, give yourself a little treat at that time, by reading an article blog post or other content that is exciting.

Engage in a mini exercise routine

Whether it includes bringing a yoga mat or a set of hand weights to work, or simply taking a few strolls around the office parking lot, take some time to focus your energy on getting a little exercise and rejuvenating yourself for the remainder of the day.

With these tips, the afternoon slumps are sure to become a thing of the past!

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