How To Actually Enjoy Your Vacation

We’ve all been there. Tired, exhausted, and burnt out – at the end of a vacation. So here is some advice on how to actually enjoy your vacation.

Decide who this trip is for before you leave.

Be honest with yourself. Is this trip for you? Or for them. We all have a “them” in our lives to consider when planning a vacation. A partner, your children, spouse, friends, Drunk Uncle Bob – the people you choose to bring on your vacation will drastically affect the purpose of the trip. Often, the most draining aspect of a trip is let down expectations. So, take the time to ask yourself these questions: who is this trip for? What am I looking to accomplish? How do I want to feel at the end?

If this trip is for you, and you want to relax, and come home feeling rejuvinated, maybe a trip with the kids for Disney isn’t the vacation YOU need. Consider putting the kids ticket money into babysitter funds and look for a romantic getaway with your partner or a private retreat to the beach.

Put the phone on airplane mode

Why give yourself separation anxiety by leaving your phone behind all together? Realistically you might want to be able to reach a family member, snap a photo, or just listen to music. So what you need to learn to do is put the phone into airplane mode. When your phone is in airplane mode the cellular service will be switched off. This gives you the opportunity to escape stressful friends, news, and work calls, while still enjoying the features of your phone that will enhance your relaxation.

Remember to include Spending Money in your Budget Plans

This is a common mistake to make when traveling. You have been saving your money up and you finally have enough to buy that plane ticket and pay for that hotel. Time to take off and let the credit cards worry about what I need to spend when you’re there! WRONG. We all make this mistake, we need to get away and rush to an escape as soon as possible. However, it is very difficult to have a stress free vacation while running up debt.

It can be very tempting to bring a credit card for spending purposes, but when you are worried about the debt you are accruing it makes you second guess the activities you want to experience during your trip. Allow yourself a spending money in the budget while saving. This will give you safe boundaries in which to spend without regret.

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