How To Rent Your Own Private Island

Did you know that you do not need to be a king or queen to experience a vacation like royalty? It no longer takes millions of dollars to rent your own island. No matter your price range, the internet makes it simple for your to plan your future exclusive adventure.

Live like Royalty on a Budget through AirBnB

Whether you are looking to escape to a tropical paradise, or perhaps a private island off of the historic New England coast, AirBnB now provides an abundance of private island rentals for your perusing. Starting as low $69 per night, AirBnB showcases a multitude of hosts worldwide that are looking to provide you with a private getaway.

Enjoy that romantic getaway with your partner that you never thought was possible, host an unforgettable family reunion, or gather up all of your friends to chip in for the ultimate party escape, and go enjoy the beauty that only a private island can offer.

Living in the Lap of Luxury

If you are looking for a getaway that offers the exclusivity of a private island but also the benefits of luxury such as power, water, and your own personal staff, there are plenty of rental options available for your island retreat. offers a variety of islands available for rent or for purchase. These rentals begin north of $2,000 per night but often come with additional benefits such as your own chef, waiting staff, and housekeeping staff. Many properties also provide you with your own motortoys.

Another great option for island rental is This site offers you a wide variety of islands that are custom made for your private getaway. Each island comes with their own unique perks, and the website gives clear descriptions for the thoughtful traveler. The inclusion of reviews will help you pick the perfect island for your adventure.

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