Why Internet “Trolls” Are the Worst

We’ve all experienced it. You post one thing about some hot button social issue that you recently have acquired a passion for and BAM: an internet troll unearths itself from the cave in which they dwell. It doesn’t matter if you’ve researched enough to actually understand the points your making, or if you have credible studies to back up your opinion. Oh no. A well-seasoned troll will be able to cut right through all of that logic with a knife bathed in ignorance and scare words. So, what makes this specific niche of internet commentators so horrible? What makes them special? Reasons why internet “trolls” are the worst can vary depending on your own personal experience, but I’m sure we can agree on the basics.

#1. They could give a shit about being remotely accurate or logical:

Most trolls are completely content spewing information that has little or nothing to do with the original post, has zero legitimate facts that can back up their claim, or are just straight up wrong.

#2. They don’t understand that spewing aforementioned information could have real consequences later on:

Remember that one internet troll who turned real life and decided to tell millions of people that global warming isn’t real??? Yeah, well now, millions of people actually believe that global warming isn’t real, so there’s that (eye twitch).

#3. Most trolls are attention starved children:

Look, I get it. You aren’t/can’t be a jerk in real life because you can directly see the consequences of those actions. But newsflash, everyone finds you annoying and not in an ironic way. So how about we stop with the trolling, with the saying things we’d never say to someone’s face, with the dramatic ignoramus claims, and let’s send the trolls back to their dark and dingy caves.

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