Love, am I right?

When I start to think about relationships, the first thing I think of is movie dates at a drive in under the stars, or day trips to amusement parks, or even romantic beach picnics. The truth is, this is what I’ve concocted in my head whereas the reality of it all is honestly far less dramatically romantic. I’m not saying that we should all be bitter cynics about love, but dating in the modern age is no easy feat. I mean, first you have to actually meet a nice person who you have things in common with, pray they’re not secretly a serial killer, hope that they have a somewhat stable life, and take a chance that they’re in the same place as you as far as being ready to commit or not…love, am I right?

Being in a relationship can be either the best or worst time or your life. The scariest part about trying to start a relationship is probably trying to figure out if the person you’re interested in is actually equally invested in the relationship as well. With social media on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell how people genuinely feel. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who matches with you, do what you can to keep yourselves from getting wrapped up in social media and instead focus on the “real life” you have right in front of you.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones and you’re hanging out with the rest of us single people (three cheers for loneliness!!!), then try to keep your hopes high and your standards higher. No more settling for people that don’t challenge you to be better, and no more dealing with people that place more value on how they look in pictures than how much they actually invest in a relationship.

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