Why You Should Never Pay For Cable Services

When it comes to streaming services in the modern age, we’re at an all-time high of provider options and quality service. Some people don’t understand why you should never pay for cable services, so let me enlighten the few of you that are still roaming around out there shelling out their hard-earned money.

For starters, almost all of the shows that are available on cable television, you can get online as well. This being said, why the fuck would you pay for cable television and watch these shows once a week when you can wait for it to drop on Netflix, or Hulu, or Amazon, or HBO and watch all of it at your own convenience??? Just why???

On top of this, you can only offer a certain level of explicitness with cable programing whereas streaming services have more leeway which tends to allow them to have better programming. I mean…. have you SEEN Game of Thrones?!

Basically, the only reason you could ever want to watch cable television is for live programming, but even that is available for online streaming most of the time that you can get through things like a Firestick anyways. So, come over to the dark side of streaming services, I promise you’ll love it here, we have every episode of Friends.

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