Why People That Use Android Are Just Better

As smart phones race into the future many still debate which is better: the iphone or the android. And while the technical answer to that question varies year to year, there is one aspect of this debate that is clear: Android users Are Just Better.

Android Users Are More Creative

Ask any person who willingly chose a droid over an iphone and this is most likely the reason they started down this path to begin with – creative freedom. While iphone users are tethered to a mostly universal experience, android users are presented with unlimited freedom.

This freedom begins with the variety of phones that use android. Samsung fan? Go with the Galaxy line. If you want a more direct Google experience, the Pixel is available. Want to play PS4 in your bathtub? Pick up a Sony Xperia. The options alone are endless.

Once you have chosen your phone you can truly make it yours with the deep customization options that range from user created personalization to themes that completely overhaul the look and feel of the phone. Whatever you want your phone to be, whatever you need your phone to be, it can become.

Android Users Appreciate Technology over Brand Name

There is a simple choice every phone owner makes when walking into their wireless store of choice: what do I need my phone to do? The average phone buyer is drawn to the iphone, reliable and popular. But the average user also isn’t aware the the newest iphone uses technology the android line pioneered years earlier.

Top of the line androids possess faster processors, better cameras, and newer technology than their iphone counterparts. While the brand name might not be as “prestigious” the technology is far ahead of the competitor.

Android Users are Smarter

It is true, that android phones come with slightly more “bugs” than their iphone counterpart. But this is because they truly push the envelope of technology. Android users understand this, and are willing to take the time to learn how to fix their phones when they act up.

Android users are smart enough to realize the technology is worth the effort, and they are smart enough to figure out how to become mini-mobile experts themselves.

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