Why People That Use Apple Are Just Better

It’s a rivalry that will forever stand the test of time… a battle to the death (kind of) that will end in blood, sweat, tears, and the occasional explosion (only a frequent occurrence if you’re on the wrong side of the battle, just saying): Apple versus Samsung. Honestly speaking, it’s a pretty petty debate, but it’s still one that we all seem to take super personally. Here’s a few reasons why people that use Apple are just better:

To begin with, we don’t endorse a product that has an innate tendency to explode. Now I know that iPhones don’t have a spotless track record, but they also tend to not be blasted all over the news for new products blowing up on their owners…

Outside of that, have you ever experienced the straight bliss that is texting someone and have all of the messages be blue? Have you understood the feeling of power when you leave your ex or a jerk on read??? Do you know the bliss of a group chat that you don’t have to have data turned on for or not receive the messages as pictures on your weak ass Samsung?? DO YOU?! If you don’t, then I feel sorry for you because life is all about the little victories, and leaving someone who’s wronged you on read is the biggest of little victories that’s out there. So essentially, Apple users are better because we’re pettier. Deal with it.

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