Spring Cleaning: 5 Reasons You Should Delete Your Exes Phone #

Still clinging on to your exes phone numbers? Spring is here. Time to clean out your contact book!

1. You don’t need to be reminded of them everyday

Think about it. When you are trying to call or text a friend, occasionally your thumbs find the right combination of letters to see their name pop up. And while many won’t find this the most traumatic event ever, do you really need to be prompted with memories of them on a regular basis?

Don’t accidentally leave yourself open for association flashbacks every time you see their name. Leave them in the past. Delete that number.

2. Drunk Text Temptation

One drink too many often leads to one text too many. And in the most severe circumstances, one too many texts to the wrong person. When your mind isn’t clear, it is easy for your thumbs to twitch themselves into all too familiar patterns. Do yourself and that person a favor and erase this opportunity all together. Delete the number, and don’t send drunk texts that you will regret in the morning.

3. Sober Text Temptation

Not to be confused with Drunk texting, these are texts that you send of sound mind. If the relationship is truly over, let both of you be free. A sober “I miss you” can be destructive to the healing process of you or your former partner.

By keeping that number in your phone, you are one message away from reopening old wounds. You might want the relationship to re-ensue, but your former partner may be struggling to move on from you. Do not bait them on unnecessarily. Delete that number and be free.

4. No back-up Plans

Is that person your back-up plan? If the being single thing doesn’t work out do you plan on giving them a call? That’s a terrible way to go about romance. Keep yourself from devaluing your former partner and let them go completely when you break up. Delete that number.

5. Put Yourself First

Perhaps, the other person ended the relationship. Perhaps, you weren’t okay with that decision. Perhaps, you hold on to that number in the hopes that one day you will call/text them and they will answer. But just holding on to that number is giving them power over you. Set yourself free. Avoid depression texts that can lead to obsessive calling. Avoid negative behaviors by deleting that number. Set yourself free from the control of another. Erase your ex’s name and number from your phone, and from your life

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