Why Wayne Gretzky is the G.O.A.T.

The NHL was forever changed when Wayne Gretzky stepped on the scene. It’s not difficult to understand why Wayne Gretzky is the G.O.A.T. according to most hockey lovers. Being dubbed the “greatest of all time” is no easy feat and Gretzky definitely earned the title.

With incomparable athleticism paired with pure raw talent in the sport, he was setting records at a young age and grew to dominate his sport. He made it look unbelievably easy. His statistics post-career stands alone and to this day leave hockey fans awestruck and wishing their favorite was still out on the ice. He gained over 200 points in a season four times; finished with the third best plus-minus rating of plus-98 in one year; and he had 14 consecutive seasons of 100 plus points. These are numbers players can only dream of and fans live for.

Not only was he a phenomenal player, but now he sponsors the Wayne Gretzky Fantasy Camp and the Wayne Gretzky Foundation which helps less fortunate children have the opportunity to experience the sport of hockey. He’s been keeping the sport of hockey alive in not only his fan’s hearts, but also sparking a love for it in the hearts of youth from all around.

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