What Are Cats Really Up To?

For all pet owners out there I’m sure we’ve all had the underlying question of what really goes on when we’re not around. For all cat owners on the other hand, the mystery lies a little bit deeper. Cats are cryptic creatures. They’re the only animal on the planet to have known to domesticate themselves, and they all seem to have the same “piss off” type of attitude when you first meet them. It begs the question, ‘What are cats really up to?’

At first you want to believe what logic tells you: that they sleep on and off all day and otherwise lead pretty noneventful lives. And truth be told, as long as the house isn’t destroyed when we come home, we’re fine with staying in the dark about their daily activities. Here’s a few things cats (probably) do when we’re away:

#1. Staring out the window contemplating when they should reclaim their true power and begin executing their plan of world domination:

#2. Finding creative spots to take naps:

#3. Stretching before exercising:

#4. Exercise:

#5. Showering after exercising…cleanliness is next to catliness as they say:

#6. Aaaaaand napping once again:

#7. But above all, they are of course the cutest animals you will ever lay your eyes on:

LOOK AT THAT BOW TIE! Who cares what they do all day as long as they stay this cute (but probably the world domination thing, that’s just what makes the most sense, honestly).

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