Guinea Pigs: Where do they live when they aren’t in the pet store!?

To begin with, I would just like to formally let it be known that I’m pretty sure no one (outside of Veterinarians, Google, and Wikipedia page contributors) knows what exactly a guinea pig is. I mean as far as I knew, they were basically rodents that my friends had as their first pets because they were easy to take care of a virtually impossible to kill.

I don’t think anyone really knows much about the animals full of mystery and I for one am burning with questions. First and foremost, I’m wondering… Guinea pigs: where do they live when they aren’t in the pet store!?

The first case of a domesticated guinea pig was basically one million years ago. Formerly (and this is definitely going to make the kids upset) they were kept as food, but eventually some started keeping them as household pets. Wild guinea pigs are originally from South America in Peru and Bolivia and live in groups of ten or more. Apparently a lot of people gifted them as congratulations of marriage (?????).

Who knew guinea pigs could be so…wild? I guess you learn something new every day and today we learned that if you want to see a wild guinea pig all you have to do is head down to South America and search the grasslands!

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