Why Chance the Rapper is the Greatest Entrepreneur of Our Generation

Chance the Rapper at the young age of 23 has become a household name after his third mixtape, Coloring Book, took the world by storm. Why Chance the Rapper is the greatest entrepreneur of our generation is no mystery to those who have been following his story. Although he may seem like the happiest most positive celebrity you know of, his life was anything but glamorous for a good portion of his life.

Coloring Book is full of gospel and love that most modern artists don’t typically try to address. His music is innovated and unbothered by the influence of a record deal. That’s actually part of what makes Chance such an inspiration to young artists: he did it all without a corporate record deal. A feat that is unheard of in the music business.

When it comes to marketing Chance is considered a genius among branding professionals. Now you can’t see a pair of overalls or a baseball cap with the number “3” on it without associating the ensemble with the up and coming artist. His quirky style and unique message allowed his fans to embrace being different and love what makes them stand out from others. Thus, breeding his ever loyal following.

Not only is he a marketing virtuoso, but he also is a genuinely talented artist. Not only was he putting out music for free, but he was also putting music out that is indisputably high quality. Instead of making money off of music that most kids would be able to access for free anyways, he uses his brand and album covers to create merchandise that flies off of the shelves. With features from some of the top music artists out there (Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, etc.) he’s had a lot of doors opened up in the process. So cheers to many more years of Chance paving the way for innovation and brilliance in the music industry.

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