Why Huskies Are The Best

When it comes to “wolf dogs,” the Husky has emerged as the leader of the pack. Not only are Huskies incredibly talented dogs who perform a multitude of tasks necessary to life in and near the arctic circle, they have also become popular domestic pets.

Huskies first came to Northeastern Siberia during the Nome gold rush. Due to their natural strength and high intelligence they were trained to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. In addition to pulling heavy sleds through rough terrain Huskies were also used to herd reindeers and keep watch.

Huskies also excel at being family dogs. Their medium, fit build gives them the “big dog” feel without the actual bulk. Most of their large appearance is generated by their long, gentle fur. This fur also means that you will want to keep your husky cool. If you happen to live in a warm climate, make sure to let them jump in your pool frequently because they are excellent swimmers.

There is a majestic quality to the beauty huskies possess. A Huskies’ fur can range anywhere from pure white, to various shades of brown, to black. But most huskies possess a combination of colors. Another immediately striking feature is their bright eyes. A large majority of Huskies possess those trademark ice-blue eyes. But also common are huskies that possess only one blue eye. No matter the shade, the husky is a beautiful animal to behold.

The intelligence Huskies possess is not limited to their original calling as a working dog. Statistically, more huskies are house pets now then sled dogs, but this does not mean that the great Husky has lost its wits.

Huskies are brilliant animals to have around children, exhibiting control over their strength when necessary, and becoming an intimidating watch dog when necessary. They are also quite easy to train, picking up quickly on commands through traditional conditioning and training.
The Husky is such a brilliant breed of canine that it can even show basic understanding of vocal commands, and in many cases, replicate human vocal sounds. Though, this form of training hardly proves that Huskies are learning how to speak English as youtube would make it seem, it does show the brilliance and flexibility of the Husky breed.

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