Why Tesla is The Best

You’ve seen them by now. The beautiful line of Tesla electric cars. The fully-connected vehicle of the future. But, exactly, what are these Teslas, and why are they so epic?

Tesla is an American Motor Company

Tesla, like Ford, GM, and Chrysler is an American motor vehicle company. However, unlike its competitors, Tesla is based in Silicon Valley, CA, and not in Detroit, MI. Founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, Tesla is technically the second longest tenured, publicly traded motor company. GM went bankrupt, and Chrysler (though privately owned), followed. Only Ford has been in business continuously for a longer period.

It’s electric. Boogie oogie oogie.

Tesla vehicles have become the fast growing family of “Plug and Play” motor vehicles. Much like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla vehicles run completely off of electricity. Though charging stations are still scarce across the country, your purchase of a vehicle comes complete with a home charging kit that promises to minimally raise your monthly electric bill. That also means drastically lowering the amount of harmful emissions your vehicle outputs.

The Future is Luxurious.

The Tesla is not simply about saving money on fuel and switching to clean emissions. The Tesla looks to revolutionize the entire traveling experience. When you sit down in the driver’s seat of the Tesla you feel like you have found your way into a sci-fi cockpit. You are greeted by a giant digital screen that is the control hub of your experience. The tablet-like interface acts as GPS, entertainment center, temperature control, and so much more.

The luxurious touches go far beyond just the technological integration. High quality leather and fine chrome finishes distinguish the Tesla as a true luxury vehicle. Boasting plenty of leg-room and comfortable seating, driving a Tesla allows you to travel in style.

Elon Musk says it’s Cool.

Do you know who Elon Musk is? You should. Elon Musk is only the second person in silicon valley to bring three companies north of the $1B mark. Heard of Paypal? Yupp, that’s Elon Musk. How about SpaceX? The company looking to make commercial space travel a reality? Yupp, that is him too. And now he is running Tesla, Inc. There are very exciting things in the future for Tesla. Be ready when the future comes to your garage.

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