Why The Fuck Are you Larping

Seriously, it is 2017, you are an adult. Why the fuck are you larping?

Really, what the fuck is this?

Why are there so many of you? What pleasure do you get over beating each other in the head with foam swords. You do realized we evolved past that age for a reason right? Do you LARP when you cook? Do you LARP with your plumbing? Because unless you are using a bucket next to your bed, your commitment to LARPING isn’t real.

This is Jon Snow. I love Jon Snow. You love Jon Snow. Everyone loves Jon Snow.

Do you know what Jon Snow looks like when he isn’t being paid to “Live Action Role Play?”

He looks like a normal, human adult. Are you getting paid to live action role play? No? Then go home.

Do I even want to know what this guy is doing?

Wait, does everyone do drugs before this?

Because then I might not blame you:

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